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AquaSnap Personal Edition Freeware:

  • Free for a personal use.
  • You are not allowed to use it at work.
  • All the features of the Professional Edition except the multi-monitor support.

Get it now: Download (zip/msi)

AquaSnap Professional Edition Standard License:

  • Only $9 per computer (special launching price).
  • Perfect for smaller companies who don't need a Site License.
  • Perfect for home users who need the multi-monitor support.
  • Lifetime license, valid for all future versions.

Get it now: Buy / Download (zip/msi)

AquaSnap Professional Edition Site License:

  • Only $449 for an unlimited number of computers at one physical location.
  • No license server, no complicated license management.
  • Perfect for companies who have many machines and want to easily deploy AquaSnap.
  • Lifetime license, valid for all future versions.

Get it now: Buy / Download (zip/msi)

AquaSnap version comparison:

Personal Edition Professional Edition
FreewareStandard LicenseSite License
Window Snapping Yes YesYes
Window Stretching Yes Yes
Z ordering Yes Yes Yes
Transparency Yes Yes
Keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes
Automatic updatesYesYesYes
Multi-monitor No Yes
Price Free $9* per computer
$449 per site**

* Special launching price

** One physical location

Download (zip/msi)Download (zip/msi)

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