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Is AquaSnap free?
Yes, AquaSnap is 100% free for a personal use. To use AquaSnap in a professional or commercial context, please purchase the Professional Edition.

Can I use AquaSnap at work?
Yes, but in order to use AquaSnap in a professional or commercial context, you must purchase the Professional Edition.

Is there any performance impact?
No! AquaSnap has been designed in a way that it have nearly no impact on performance, even on slow computers. You can check by yourself, AquaSnap uses approximately 1 Mo of RAM and 0% of CPU.

Is AquaSnap compatible with Windows 7?
Yes, AquaSnap is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Seven.

Is there a 64-bit version?
Yes, AquaSnap has a true native support for 64-bit platforms, but the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are distributed together in the same installation package.

Do I need to uninstall an old version of AquaSnap before installing a new one?
No, the installation package is able to update your installed version.

Is there a portable version?
Yes, AquaSnap is available in portable version too. This version is able to run from a USB flash drive without any installation.

There are several exe files in the AquaSnap directory, which one should I use?
Always use "AquaSnap.Daemon.exe", even on a 64-bit OS. "AquaSnap.Daemon.64x.exe" will be automatically launched if needed.

How can I change the language displayed in AquaSnap?
Actually, you can't. AquaSnap automatically use the language of your system, if available.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?
The supported hot-keys are:
- [ WIN + Arrow ] or [ WIN + NUMPAD ] for snapping.
- [ Ctrl + WIN + Arrow ] or [ Ctrl + WIN + NUMPAD ] for stretching.
- [ WIN + Return ] or [ WIN + NUMPAD_5 ] for unsnapping or maximizing.
- [ WIN + Del] or [ WIN + NUMPAD_0] for minimizing.
- [ WIN + Esc ] to close the window.

I like AquaSnap, how can I contribute to this project?
You can help us in the following ways:
- Translate this software into other languages.
- Create new skins and send them to us.
- Talk about this software on your blog or on Twitter.
- Make a donation.

I have found a bug, what should I do?
Please use this form to send a bug report.

I think that I have a great idea to improve AquaSnap.
Your suggestions are welcome, please contact us.



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