Window Management Made Easy!

Keeping your desktop tidy has never been so easy!

Drag & Drop your windows to the sides or corners of the screen and they are automatically resized to fit one half or one quarter of the screen. Just like the built-in Aero Snap function of Windows but with more possibilities!

Sometimes, splitting your screen into halves or quarters is not ideal

When two windows are adjacent, resizing one of them while pressing [Ctrl] will also resize the other one. It's an easy and powerful way to modify the layout of several docked windows.

Don't waste your desktop space, pixels are precious!

AquaSnap allows you to easily align your windows by making them behave like magnets. This simple feature is the cornerstone of AquaSnap and has been so carefully designed that you will be instantly familiar to it.

One click to conquer this free space on your screen!

This is another powerful way to quickly share your desktop space between several windows. Double-click on the edge of a window to maximize it in one direction. Do the same while pressing [Shift] to maximize it vertically or horizontally.

Easily manage these small floating windows

Professional applications with complex UI often scatter small toolbox windows on your desktop. Keep them grouped and move them all at once. Move one window while pressing [Ctrl] and the whole group will follow.

Need to keep an eye on a small window?

This is the best way to have this window always visible while working on a fullscreen application. Shake a window to make it transparent and always on top. Shake it again to restore it's normal state.

Be even more productive with keyboard shortcuts!

All the features of AquaSnap are accessible through easy to remember and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

AquaSnap has been translated to many languages

In the latest release, we support English, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish! If we don't have your language yet, help us get it!

SoftPedia 100% Clean

AquaSnap is 100% composed of highly optimized native code, with no compromise on stability and performance. It uses very little memory and nearly no CPU. AquaSnap is clean, easy to install and easy to uninstall.

Excited yet?

AquaSnap is free for a personal use, try it now!