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with the best tabbed window manager for Windows

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Give every window a tabbed user interface

TidyTabs is a tool that brings tabbed browsing to all of your programs. Ever wanted to have Chrome-style tabs in Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office or PuTTY? TidyTabs does just that. It integrates nicely with the OS and you will feel like the multi-tab functionality is a core part of Windows.

Multi tab desktop window manager

Organize your windows and free up space on your desktop

Now that all your windows have a draggable tab, you can easily organize them into logically related groups. Just drag one tab onto another and create a tabbed group. Tabs can be detached from a group and inserted into another one. You can even group windows from different applications together!

Save your optimal layout and streamline your workflow

With one click, save a group so that your applications are automatically grouped and placed as you wish the next time you open them. Or define advanced auto-grouping rules for the most complex scenarios. It takes just a few minutes to fully automate your tab management.

Quickly find your tabs even when there are many

Your tabs can be automatically sorted, so they are always placed the same way and you no longer have to search for them. You can even choose a different sorting criterion for each group if you wish, and TidyTabs will remember your choice.

Exclude windows apps from tabs

Because not every app need tabs

TidyTabs will guess by itself that some window types will never need tabs. But if that's not sufficient, you can easily specify which application should have a tabbed shell and which one should not. Two clicks are enough to add an application to the blacklist or to the whitelist.

Clean up windows ui

Because you don’t need more visual noise on your desktop

TidyTabs try to be as stealthy and non-distracting as possible. The tabs are hidden automatically when you don't need them, so that they don't get in your way. When they need to be visible, they stay semi-transparent until you actively use them.

Easy setup gui

Because everyone has different needs

If one aspect of TidyTabs doesn’t suit you, you can change it. Every single function of TidyTabs can be configured or disabled thanks to a very simple and well documented interface.

Keyboard shortcuts

Be even more productive with keyboard shortcuts!

All the features of TidyTabs are accessible through easy-to-remember and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Hack your productivity with TidyTabs and AquaSnap

TidyTabs has been designed to interoperate nicely with AquaSnap. Tabbed groups created with TidyTabs can easily be snapped, docked and tiled thanks to AquaSnap. Both tools are in fact very complementary and can permit you to achieve a major productivity boost.

Windows apps

A shell enhancement tool should assist you without slowing down your computer. That's why the core of TidyTabs is composed of highly optimized native code, with no compromise on stability and performance. It uses very little memory and nearly no CPU. TidyTabs is clean, easy to install and easy to uninstall.

Tabs for Windows

7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

TidyTabs is compatible with all Windows versions, from Windows 7 to Windows 11, 32-bit and 64-bit. We will do our absolute best to support all future Windows versions.

Excited yet?

TidyTabs is free for personal use. Try it now!

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