This new release (BrainSoup 1.15.0) is a major update which introduces the following changes:

  • Multimodality for all LLMs! Support for audio and image files for richer interactions with your agents.
  • New Embedding Vectors Model: We are now using the new OpenAI 'text-embedding-3-small' model, which is more efficient and 5 times cheaper than the previous one. Document indexing will now cost you almost nothing!
  • Improved Document Indexing System: Smarter and 30 times faster indexing process, with support for text, audio and images.
  • Support for New File Types: Including '.docx', '.wav', '.flac', '.mp3', '.mpga', '.m4a', '.ogg', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.png', '.bmp', '.gif', enhancing data management.
  • Multi-level Document Understanding: Your agents can now better interpret and interact with large content.
  • Semantic Indexing of Sandboxed File System Files: Agents can now better understand the content of the files you share with them in the chat, espaecially when they are subcribed to the 'FileSystem' context.
  • File Sharing with Agents: Easily share files with your agents by dragging and dropping them into the chat or the Sandboxed File System explorer.
  • Confidential Conversations: You can now mark conversations as confidential to prevent their memorization by agents.
  • Message Deletion: More effectively control the content of your discussions.
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