This new release (BrainSoup 1.21.0) is a major update which introduces the following changes:

  • PowerShell and CMD tools: Your agents can now use the 'PowerShell' and 'CMD' tools to run scripts and commands on the host machine. This very powerful feature allows agents to automate tasks, manage system configurations, use any command-line tool on the host machine, and perform a wide range of operations. Please note that these tools can be harmful for your system if used incorrectly, so use them with caution and only with well-instructed agents.
  • Git Custom Tool: Your agents can now use the 'Git' tool to clone, pull, push, and manage Git repositories. This tool has been implemented as a Custom Tool, to demonstrate how easy it is to put any command-line tool at your agents' disposal.
  • Improved small LLM performance: We have optimized the way the conversation history is handled by the LLMs, wich will improve the quality of the responses, especially for smaller LLMs. Please let us know if you notice any side effects.
  • Faster agent response: We have optimized the RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) process for better performance.
  • Updated Doc-E's knowledge.
  • Fixed a bug causing the message's technical details to only include the last tool used by the agent, when several tools were used.
  • Fixed a bug causing the application to crash when trying to use an external language model that does not require an API key.
  • Fixed the 'TextToImagePollinations' Custom Tool that was not working anymore since changed its API.
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