This new release (BrainSoup 1.22.0) is a major update which introduces the following changes:

  • New CsvRead and XlsxRead tool: Your agents can now extract data from CSV and Excel files using SQL queries, and can even join multiple files to consolidate data from different sources. These tools are very powerful and allow your agents to answer complex questions about your data. This is also a great way to connect your agents to your business data to automate tasks and provide insights.
  • New SpeechToText tool: Your agents can now transcribe audio files to text. This uses OpenAI's Whisper model under the hood, and consumes very few credits. Additionally, if the file has already been transcribed during the document indexing process, the tool will not call the AI model, saving credits.
  • New ImageToText tool: Your agents can now extract a detailed text description from images. This tool uses OpenAI's GPT-4o model under the hood. If the file has already been processed during the document indexing process, the tool will not call the AI model, saving credits.
  • New Mistral models: We have added the open-mixtral-8x22b and codestral models to BrainSoup. open-mixtral-8x22b is very powerful and quite cost-effective, while codestral is specialized in code generation tasks, and very cheap to use.
  • Cheaper pricing for Mistral models: We have updated the pricing for Mistral models. mistral-small and mistral-large are now 2 times cheaper!
  • Cheaper image processing: We are now using the gpt-4o model instead of gpt-4-vision-preview as the default vision model. This model is twice as cheap, faster and more accurate.
  • The 'Can see' and 'Can hear' permissions are now enabled by default for all new agents, as this has no negative impact on performance and usage costs.
  • The 'FileSystem' context is now only injected into the agent's working memory if the sandboxed file system is not empty. This will prevent unnecessary context data from being sent to the agents, improving performance and usage costs.
  • Optimized Doc-E's settings to improve its performance.
  • Fixed a bug causing no information to be added to the message technical details when a tool usage fails. This will make debugging your tools easier.
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