This new release (BrainSoup 1.24.0) is a major update which introduces the following changes:

  • Hooks! You can now trigger your scripts or programs in response to specific internal events by placing them in the 'Hooks' folder. This powerful feature can be used to update your Custom Contexts, send Custom Events, or interact with external systems.
  • More flexible Custom Contexts: In addition to JSON files, you can now define a Custom Context as a tree of small text files. This makes it easier to update specific parts of the context in your scripts without having to generate an entire JSON file. You can now also use small Markdown or CSV documents as Custom Contexts.
  • Drive-mapped sandboxed directory: You can now map the active chat room's sandboxed directory to a drive letter for easier access. The mapping is automatically updated when you switch chat rooms.
  • Open console in sandboxed directory: We have added a button in the built-in file explorer that allows you to open a console in the sandboxed directory of the active chat room. This can help you run scripts or commands directly in the chat room's environment.
  • New TextToImageDallE3 tool: Your agents can now generate high-quality images from text using the latest OpenAI DALL-E 3 model. The TextToImageDallE2 tool is still available as it is cheaper and faster, but the DALL-E 3 model provides better quality images.
  • Chat history limits: You can now limit the number of days and messages stored in a given chat room. This is particularly useful for long-running background automation chat rooms to prevent them from consuming too much database space.
  • Configurable log level: You can now configure the log level to control the amount of information that is logged. This can help you troubleshoot issues.
  • Faster initialization: We have optimized the initialization process by parallelizing asynchronous tasks, making BrainSoup start up faster.
  • Updated Doc-E's knowledge to include information about the new features.
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