This new release (AquaSnap 1.18.0) is a major update which introduces the following changes:

  • The installer and all the binary files are now signed with a SHA256 certificate, to be compliant with the new Authenticode policy.
  • AquaSnap is now compiled with the latest Microsoft compiler and has been rewritten to benefit from the new features of C++14.
  • The concequence of the two previous points is that Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. The latest AquaSnap version supporting these OS versions can be downloade here.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with some input devices (mainly some keyboards and gamepads).
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with XcXsrv.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with some hidden system windows on Windows 10.
  • Fixed a problem with the calculation of the size of the docked windows on Windows 10. In some circumstances, the docked windows were a little larger than what they should be.
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